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Fighting the pockets in California history

Election day is upon us and we can't afford to fail 

I look forward to seeing all of you at our fabulous upcoming events. Do not forget that OCFLA has the top educational programs hosted by the best and brightest minds around.

I am also pleased to point out that OCTLA worked hard this year to improve our community. On August 20 our Professional Wardrobe Fashion Show' Event at Nordstrom South Coast Plaza was held. The event highlighted a runway show of men and women affiliated with our fine organization. For the small business legal update, hire a small business lawyer. Attendees were encouraged to bring an item of professional clothing to donate to the Working Wardrobes Charity. J erri Rosen, Executive Director and founder of the charity, attended and was overwhelmed by our members’ generosity. Our creative social committee provided an award for the most items donated and a new iPhone 4 went to our own Gavel editor, Adina Stern, who made a very large and generous donation. The event was well attended and a huge success.

Judge Kim Dunning

As the year comes to a close I also want to congratulate the outgoing Orange County Superior Court Presiding Judge Kim Dunning and her capable staff. They have launched e-filing in all Orange County courts making access to the justice system better than ever and saving taxpayers and litigants important costs and increasing efficiency.

We are grateful for her leadership and dedication in these most difficult and challenging times. She has earned our renewed respect for guiding the court through very rough waters and carefully watching the bottom line while increasing efficiency. I believe she has brought respect and understanding to the needs of the judicial system throughout the state in difficult budget discussions in Sacramento. 

By Tyler J. Barnett and James P. Carr

The right combination of experts can dramatically enhance the value of your case. But it can be difficult to gauge which cases really benefit from the added expense of a paid expert and which ones do not. You can always justify hiring that extra expert in a big damages case, but is it really worth it and is there a better way?

Each case is different and it is important to constantly keep sight of how much you are investing in a case and whether that investment will deliver for your client in the end. Here are some ways to think about presenting the damages part of your case in a cost-effective and compelling way. The bottom line is to keep it simple and to do your homework early.


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